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About the Book Nearly 60% of U.S companies face a leadership talent shortage. As we face fast-changing technology, global competition and a multigenerational workforce, that shortage has frightening implications for today’s organizations and America’s future. Driven by her own passion for leadership, Teri Citterman was inspired to ask 20 top CEOs what they are doing to develop leaders in this unprecedented time. These leaders share their own stories and inspirations, identify the must-have leadership traits (and derailers) for the future and offer provocative and unconventional advice. As you read about leadership in their words, you’ll be challenged to define your views on leadership and to take action. Learn from the best and you can’t help but be a more thoughtful, deliberate and effective leader.

Includes Leaders from: Alaska Airlines | Apptio | Ben Bridge Jewelers | Columbia Hospitality | Gravity Payments | GreenRubino | International Community Health Services | JP Morgan Chase | Maveron | NBC KING 5 | Oki Golf | Project Bionic | Seattle Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce | Seattle Foundation | Seattle University | Special Olympics | Ste Michelle Wine Estates | Tom Douglas Restaurants | UW Medicine |Xtreme Consulting


Book photoAbout the Author

Teri Citterman is an author, professional speaker, certified executive coach, book coach and ghostwriter. She helps CEOs convey what they’re really thinking to drive performance, engage employees and increase bottom-line results. Her experience draws on 20 years of advising CEOs on issues related to internal and external communications. As an award-winning writer, Teri writes and speaks on issues related to communication, leadership, writing, and strategic networking. Click Here for more on Teri.


Praise for “From the CEO’s Perspective”

“Teri has developed an extremely valuable roadmap that gives the reader an insider’s view of how 20 high profile CEO’s define, measure and develop leaders in their companies. Having access to this information coupled with personal insight gained from answering several self-reflective questions Teri poses at the end of each chapter will fast-track your quest to become a better leader while simultaneously learning how to instill this capacity in others. Buy this book, read it and profit from the inner-wisdom you will gain by going through this journey!”

— Earl Bell, Principal and Founder,, Author, Winning in Baseball and Business

Ever wish you could take a peek into the brains of some of today’s top business leaders to find out what they really think and what distinguishes them from their peers? You’ve come to the right place. Surprising, insightful and powerful don’t even begin to capture what Teri has assembled here.

— Bob Rosner author of the Wall Street Journal bestseller The Boss’s Survival Guide

In a sea of too many leadership books, there are three reasons to read From the CEO’s Perspective. First, author Teri Citterman is a phenomenal writer, and brings punch to the topic of leadership. Second, Teri lets a group of fantastic CEOs tell you their stories, so that you get direct insights from those who have been there and done that. Third, Teri brings her own unique experiences to the table, so that you get the additional perspective of a great writer, coach, and someone who is passionate about how we create more leaders in a world that needs them. I guarantee you that you will find at least one nugget of wisdom in this book that more than justifies your investment in reading it.”

— Andrew Neitlich, Founder and Director, Center for Executive Coaching

“Many fast-track leaders and young CEOs gain responsibility so quickly that they are hungry for additional wisdom from others. Teri’s book is a two-in-one win: Her subjects share their wisdom in a way that feels intimate … like they are mentoring YOU; and each section’s reflection questions will help leaders define for themselves who they are, what they want to build, and what ‘success’ looks like. A much-needed, leader-building book!”

— Cory Bouck, author of The Lens of Leadership: Being the Leader Others WANT to Follow

“Teri’s writings on leadership are deeply inspiring and insightful. I was riveted to the comments of the leaders she interviewed for the book, and I took a lesson from each of them. Whether it be family influences or overcoming obstacles from their youth, to learning lessons by studying Abraham Lincoln, each had a story to tell and Teri has brought them to the world. This is an important study on leadership, and anyone would benefit by taking the time to read it.”

— Kevin Glynn, Lighthouse Strategic Partners