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A CEO Feeds Hungry Americans With Chocolate

The sound you just heard was me rolling my eyes. No, she’s not feeding chocolate to the homeless. That doesn’t even make sense. Right now, a lot of Americans are looking for some way to do something to make a difference or at least feel better about the shit show we’ve entered into. Well here you go…and it doesn’t even matter who you voted for, you’re going to want to get in on this.

As I was indulging at Seattle Chocolate’s ‘Chocolate & Champagne’ opening last night, I learned that Seattle Chocolates CEO Jean Thompson has this thing – this campaign or whatever, that gives a fresh, healthy serving of food to someone in the U.S. who would otherwise go hungry, every time a jcoco product is purchased. That means, WHEN YOU EAT CHOCOLATE, someone who is struggling to get by in our community, gets fed.

To me, this is no small thing, and if you understand that Seattle Chocolates has donated more than 1,000,000 servings through food banks like Northwest Harvest, Food Bank For New York, SF-Marin Food Bank, and The Greater Boston Food Bank, you’ll see it as no small thing either. So go now! Buy jcoco and eat chocolate to make yourself feel better and make a difference.

And #BreakingNews! I’m super excited because Jean is going to be one of my panelists for the newly-announced- right-this-minute March 16th “From the CEO’s Perspective” forum (RSVP now). Lots to talk about because it’s an UNBELIEVABLE lineup this year, but more to come on that shortly.


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