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Talonn’s team of experts combines power, influence and insight to help leaders uncover their own wisdom and leverage it into elegant outcomes. Each member collaborates with a unique point of view, entrepreneurial spirit, cadre of tools and collection of corporate, life and world-travel experience.

With such a broad range of knowledge, experience and wisdom, Teri couldn’t help but ask the favorite question she asks every leader: “Besides integrity, what is the one behavior or trait you think every leader must have in order to be great?”

The Team

Teri Citterman

Teri Citterman, CEO & Executive Coach
The 1 Must-Have: Courage

Leaders must have the courage to see and say what others fear; to stand in the center of the fire, sit with the discomfort of doing hard things and live with the power that comes from both failure and success.

Teri Citterman coaches first-time CEOs, seasoned CEOs and high performers. Her experience draws on 20 years of advising leaders on internal and external communications, thought leadership and how to leverage power and influence. Teri works with CEOs and senior executives who lead companies ranging from start-ups to Fortune 500s in a variety of industries including Regence Healthcare, University of Washington Medicine, Planetary Power, Northern Trust, Bill & Melinda Gates Investments and Microsoft. Her work specializes in helping leaders increase their executive presence, maximize their strategic influence and maneuver millennial and generational leadership challenges to create high performance cultures. She is an award winning writer, regular contributor to Forbes and the Puget Sound Business Journal, sought after speaker and thought cultivator for “The CEO’s Perspective” leadership forum. Her latest book “From the CEO’s Perspective” provides a peek into the thinking of some of today’s top CEOs from companies like Alaska Airlines, JP Morgan Chase and Gravity Payments. She serves on the board of the World Trade Center and Forbes Magazine’s National Coaches Council. Teri’s most favorite place to explore are cemeteries – because they hold the stories and the history of a community. Her life motto is “Who’s going to stop me!”

Stacey Sargent, Facilitator, Coach, Speaker and Author of “Inner Critic Inner Success”
The 1 Must-Have: Empathy

Empathy is how we as leaders understand others and relate to them --  your people and your customers.

Stacey is an inspiring, energetic and authentic Her approach is about Whole-Person Intelligence - partnering the logical with the creative, the rational with the emotional. She helps people connect between their inner and outer selves so they can bring all their superpowers to any endeavor - in work and life. Stacey delivers programs for new-thinking organizations and leaders who “get” that the well-being and success of their people lead to the success of their business. Stacey provides leadership and culture programs, facilitation, coaching and workshops for clients like Microsoft, Amazon, Time Inc, Expedia, Blizzard Entertainment,, Moz and BigDoor. Her favorite place to explore is any beach anywhere and her life motto is “know what really matters.”


Jan Gelman, Executive Coach, Speaker and Facilitator
The 1 Must-Have: Emotional Intelligence.

The ability to know yourself, understand what motivates others, relate in a positive manner, and build strong relationships at work inevitably makes you a better leader – producing higher performance and greater satisfaction.

Jan helps global leaders make choices that will bring them greater success. As a leadership development professional, Jan works with companies such as Microsoft, Time Inc., Amazon, Adobe and Expedia. Her passion is to help people excel as leaders, find fulfillment in their work, and lead happier, healthier lives. Combining her 20 years of experience as a senior leader in business, technology and media; with more than a decade of coaching around the world, Jan understands the complex demands, fast pace, and unique gender issues that her clients face. She has written articles for New York magazine, MSN and MSNBC; and published 8 books for young adults with Alfred A. Knopf and Simon & Schuster. Jan’s loves exploring places with interesting cultures, beauty and people. Africa tops her list. Jan’s life motto is “All choices are health choices.”

Bryan Rutberg, Public Speaking Coach, Event Communications and Facilitator
The 1 Must-Have: Confidence.

Leaders must display confidence because that’s what it takes to earn and inspire followers to help realize the leader’s vision and magnify impact.

Bryan is an expert in executive speech development and delivery. He helps leaders and their organizations connect with their most important audiences, in person, in print, and online. Nothing means more to him than helping leaders be clear and compelling to drive an audience to action through emotion. His approach is by making content easy-to-understand and memorable, helping clients get great ideas out of their heads and into the hearts and minds of their audience. He specializes in event communications strategy, improving team presentation skills and working one-on-one with senior leaders to develop and deliver their next speech. Bryan’s favorite places to explore are the hearts of the world’s great cities, and the wild and beautiful beaches of the Pacific Northwest. His life motto is: En la boca cerrada no entran moscas. “Mosquitos won’t fly into a closed mouth.”

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