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The Best Executive Coaches Have Great Mentors

As we celebrate Father’s Day, I thought about the people in my life who are someone else’s father, but have had an enormous impact on me. It’s time to thank them.

Michael Pacholok, Founder/President, Summit Assessment Solutions
Mike helped me understand my own unique strengths and the impact they have on others. He showed me the value of data, and why it’s fundamental to coaching CEOs. Intuition is my tool.

Michael Kunath, Founding Partner, KKRA Wealth Counselors
Mike Kunath taught me the art of asking the question and the nuances of power and influence. He told me I had the ability to make a difference, and I’ve finally believed him.

John Oppenheimer, CEO, Columbia Hospitality
John built his career on having courage and taking risks. He inspired others to do things they didn’t believe they could. Indirectly, I took that inspiration and pivoted my career. I’ve never looked back.

Pradeep Rajurs (Raj), Cloud Architect (husband)
Raj gives me the love, support and acceptance that is the strength that inspires me to do everything I know I’m capable of.

And my dad Klaus
My father, Klaus Citterman (1921-2010) He gave me his story, which I would never have wished upon anyone. And with it, he gave me the courage to look conflict directly in the eye. My mom, Ruth Citterman was married to him for 60 years. She told me to always follow my dreams – which frankly, is when courage comes in most handy! Thanks mom (1928-2017)

Happy day-after Father’s Day to all the Dads in my life!

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