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CEOs Speak Up As Leaders, As Citizens

 From the CEO’s Perspective forum is next Thursday morning, June 7th at the World Trade Center in Seattle. It’s an important conversation because over the last 18 months, we’ve seen more and more CEOs speaking up as leaders and speaking out as a citizens. The issues are highly-charged ranging from immigration, racism, sexual harassment and gun control, and the charge is amplified by the urgency created by social media. With a fantastic group of leaders, we will unpack the topic of “Leadership in These Challenging Times.”
The panel:

  • Aman Bhutani, President, Brand Expedia Group, Expedia Inc.
  • Mike Pongon, CEO, Point B, Inc.
  • Matt Oppenheimer, CEO, Remitly
  • Moderator: Teri Citterman, executive coach & Author, From the CEO’s Perspective

I’d love to see you there and engage your thinking in the conversation.

To register:

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