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Have an open mind – allow different ideas into your way of thinking.
— Peter Diamandis

We coach audacious thinkers. From first-time CEOs to warhorses. High performers. And Executive teams. They are bold. They are difference-makers.

Every day, they navigate a world of complexity, volatility and ambiguity. But strategy is dynamic. And every decision requires solid determination of risk, reward, return. Certainty in a split second.

We help leaders build that certainty by recognizing the power in their strengths and the impact in there use. Only then, are they more clear, more confident and more effective.




The task of the leader is to get his people from where they are to where they have not been.
­— Henry Kissinger

Knowing your leadership purpose gives you edge. When leaders understand what drives their own best thinking, they’ve changed the game. They know what anchors their center. They trust instinct. They are decisive. They best their best abilities.



The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why. — Mark Twain

Leaders who show up every day and lead steadily from their core make great things happen. They are the difference makers. With silent permission, others mimic their behavior. Productivity rises. Expectations are met with enthusiasm. And performance blows up (in a good way.) We dig deep with leaders who need to change fast by defining a clear purpose and executing for impact.


Our Services


Coaching for CEOs and High Performance Executives

In focused 1:1 coaching sessions we work with CEOs to identify leverage points for growth and to stay accountable for doing only what the CEO can do. For executives, we work to elevate his or her thinking to direct impact from the CEO’s perspective.


  1. Someone who tells you what others won't.
  2. More time to focus on people and problem solving, higher productivity, faster promotions, increased profits
  3. Support and confidence in assessing risk, making bold decisions and advancing initiatives forward faster
  4. Increased internal confidence and external presence.
  5. Activated powerbase for increased influence and impact
  6. Awareness of beliefs and attitudes that hold you back
  7. Clarity of the values that anchor your conviction and empower better decisions.
  8. Skill-building in executive presence, communication, delegation, listening and team building.

A typical six-month Executive Performance Coaching engagement includes:

  • Proprietary Executive Session
  • Executive Leadership Report
  • Purpose to Impact 18-month planning
  • 1:1 Coaching
  • Observation as needed
  • Critical Coaching
  • Thought Leadership Support
  • Strategic Introductions

Cost: $20,000 - $55,000

Executive Re-Brand Coaching

This amplified process is what sets the path forward and answers the question ‘what’s next?’
Clients derive the greatest benefit by gaining clarity of themselves and the next career move to achieve personal satisfaction and success.


  1. Self-recognition of unique strengths
  2. Understanding and prioritization of the few things that matter most
  3. A clear purpose with a plan for impact
  4. Understanding how you compare to the rest of the working population at equivalent professional levels.
  5. An interview/communication strategy through focused coaching.

A typical 60-day engagement includes:

  • Assessment of true strengths (not the ones you think you have)
  • Proprietary Executive Session
  • Executive Leadership Report
  • Personalized Executive Interview Report
  • Powerbase and Influence Assessment
  • 1:1 Coaching — up to 5 sessions
  • Critical coaching
  • Executive Evaluation: LinkedIn/Resume

Cost: $7,500-$10,000

Executive Team Coaching & Facilitation

Executive Team Sessions broaden understanding, awareness and recognition of each other’s thinking styles, behavioral traits, motivations and interests. We work together to identify actions that leverage each member’s strengths as a team to maximize impact.


  1. Increased levels of trust
  2. Team alignment
  3. Deeper understanding of individual strengths and collective strength of the team
  4. Increased communication and accountability
  5. Actions to leverage each other’s skills and talents to function as a highly effective team
  6. Increased self-awareness and self-management
  7. Increased influence

Typical Executive Team Assessment & Team Session Engagement

  • Executive completes online assessment
  • Coach conducts individual 90 min executive sessions
  • Client receives individual Executive Leadership report
  • Facilitate in-person Executive Team Session
  • Client receives Executive Team Leadership report
  • Cost of engagement is based on scope of work.

Cost of engagement is based on scope of work.

Other Executive Services

Third-party facilitation for 360-assessments, strategic planning, high-stakes conversations.
Cost of engagements are determined based on scope of client’s needs

Executive 360 Assessments

Talonn conducts the Checkpoint™ 360 for each executive (online assessment based on standard leadership competencies). And we conduct a qualitative executive 360 session - confidential, 360-degree verbal assessment to learn more about the leader’s impact on key employees and key stakeholders. Qualitative feedback is collected and presented in anonymous themes and patterns with actionable recommendations.


  1. Understanding of competency gaps and opportunities for skill-building
  2. Deepened awareness of yourself, how you're perceived, where you can improve
  3. Recognition of blind spots of beliefs and attitudes that you may not realize are holding you back
  4. Increased self-management

Organizational Research

Talonn provides Leadership Development Program recommendations for an effective leadership and team growth program that supports culture transformation.


  1. Uncover employee truth and perceptions of company culture, the impact of leadership, and where the performance development needs are.
  2. Identify where skills and development are needed for individual executives and across groups and teams.
  3. Determine organization priorities and actions-needed based on data

Speech Writing

We assess current presentation style to improve your confidence, executive presence and presentation skill. We create a customized speech structure and memorable presentation for your audience.


  1. Uncover employee truth and perceptions of company culture, the impact of leadership, and where the performance development needs are.
  2. Identify where skills and development are needed for individual executives and across groups and teams.
  3. Determine organization priorities and actions-needed based on data

Ghost Writing

Talonn provides a clear path forward for completing your book with a focused strategy, project management and author accountability.


  1. An expert writer who efficiently manages you through the process
  2. Your completed book written in your voice on time and on budget
  3. Direction in leveraging your book as a thought leadership platform to elevate your personal brand and gain expert credibility

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