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From the CEO’s Perspective Forums: Announcing the 2016 Line Up

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For those of you that have been wondering and inquiring, I’m so pleased to finally share the big news! Here’s the 2016 line up for my “From the CEO’s Perspective” forums at the World Trade Center, Seattle.

If you were lucky enough to attend our last forum in 2015, you heard the amazing stories from culture creators: Scott Svenson, CEO of MOD Pizza; Raj Singh, Co-Founder of Concur and CEO of Accolade and Matt Ehrlichman, CEO of Porch. If you missed it, watch the videos here (thanks to Century Link).

As a follow on to that conversation, these three CEOs are experts on the subject of employee engagement. I’m super excited to kick off 2016 with this all-star line up:

  • David Niu, CEO, TinyPulse
  • Mike Metzger, CEO, Payscale
  • Henry Albrecht, CEO, Limeade

Since Seattle is a hotbed of hiring, motivating and inspiring employees to contribute, KEEPING THEM is one of the biggest challenges leaders face! Our conversation on Thursday, February 4 will focus on both the personal leadership of these CEOs, and the employee engagement trends they are predicting for 2016. I’m excited to go deep into what leaders need to be thinking about, doing and creating to inspire and retain the power (a.k.a. PEOPLE) of their organizations. No pressure, but these events sell out, so REGISTER HERE.

And then there’s Thursday, April 14 – we have Jim, and his brother Darrel, and his other brother Darryl, (if you’re old enough, you know you were thinking it) sharing their insight on purpose-driven leadership and the multitude of wisdom they’ve gained from starting, pivoting and transforming as leaders… It’s going to ROCK!

  • Jim Weber, Brooks Running
  • Darryl Rawlings, CEO, Trupanion
  • Darrel Cavens, CEO, Zulily

What! You want more? Me too. And they’re scheduled for July and October. Stay tuned….

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