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How Introverts Can Take Advantage of the Benefits of Virtual Meetings

Virtual meetings give introverts a tool to increase influence and build a stronger team. Here is some quick guidance on how to use virtual meetings to your benefit.

Participating in virtual meetings
Too many introverts use virtual meetings as an opportunity to hide. When you are uncomfortable in situations with large crowds, it’s easier to go unnoticed in a virtual crowd with your mic and camera off.

However, if your career goals include advancing into higher levels of leadership, then this is not the right choice. And if you’re currently a leader, your best assets could be lying behind one of those zoom display photos.

So, what can you do?

1.      Turn on your camera.
Simple right? But you have this uncomfortable feeling in the pit of your stomach that says you shouldn’t. Feel the fear and do it anyway. As I remind all my clients, my job is to help you relish in being uncomfortable. Show up, especially virtually. Plus, it’s easier for you to make eye-contact virtually, and as you practice, it gets easier.

2.      Speak up and add value.
It’s pretty easy to hide in plain sight in a virtual setting – especially if it’s a meeting of a large group. Don’t! While you may feel that there is less expectation for you to speak, I encourage to you think differently. Instead, choose a growth-mindset. This is a great place to practice speaking up and being seen. Sure, it may feel awkward at first. But virtual meetings are opportunities to practice getting comfortable, so when you’re back in a conference room with your team or your boss, you feel relaxed and confident.

3.      Find your power
Know your worth and the value of your contributions. That starts by offering speaking up in meeting and demonstrating your value to the team. When you speak up and show your worth, you’ll build your confidence and increase your influence.

You can practice using these power words for introverts to help you contribute to the conversation and show your leadership potential.

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