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Writing 'From the CEO's Perspective' was a milestone that earned Teri the reputation for being a person of courage -- someone who asks the tough questions. Armed with that knowledge, she’s a truly unique CEO coach in that she punctuates her points of purpose and leadership by weaving a tapestry of personal stories, both from her own experience as well as borrowed from the treasure trove of experience, insight and wisdom learned from the many CEOs she’s interviewed, profiled and coached.

She speaks as she writes, meaning not a word is wasted. She is a “to the point speaker” and as a CEO coach she self-proclaims that she is more inspirational than motivational, invoking a distinctively conversational tone, engaging audience members with questions and leaving each individual feeling as if he or she was the only person sitting in the room.

Teri’s presentation as a CEO coach includes the following:

  • The leadership silver bullet
  • Leadership from any seat
  • Learnings from the CEOs in the book
  • Your 1 MUST-HAVE
  • Looking for rock stars – the next gen leaders

Great for audiences from a few dozen to a thousand or more.

What others say about Teri’s keynote:

“Teri’s unique perspective encompasses such rich and insightful experience, you can’t help but walk away more acutely aware of your own challenges and leadership aspirations -- and the steps you need to take to be a better leader. She is dynamic and engaging and doesn’t look old enough to be the daughter of holocaust survivors, so it was both surprising and interesting to hear the impact that had on shaping her drive and leadership. I highly recommend Teri.”
Brent Johnson, Partner, KPMG

“Regence engaged Teri as a keynote speaker for an event attended by some of Seattle's most influential leaders. She encouraged attendees to define which attribute described their leadership purpose best. Having worked with CEOs across a variety of industries for more than 20 years, it was a great opportunity to hear about her experiences. We are considering hosting another event like this in the future because of the raving feedback we received.”
Don Antonucci, President, Regence BlueShield

"Teri has a unique ability to communicate essential leadership competencies and behaviors that are the platform for companies cultures and transcends industries. Whether you are a start-up or a Fortune500 company, her insights and coaching abilities are truly transforming. Teri has been an asset to our business and me personally.”
Brian Stading, Northwest Region President, Century Link

“Teri was our first TinyTalk speaker and set the bar at an unbelievably high level for those who followed. She has a casual intensity that keeps audiences on the edge of laughter and on the verge of tears. During the QA, she created threads of conversation and connection between audience members, which I’d never seen anyone do before. It takes a speaker who’s a strong listener to pull that off. I highly recommend Teri as a fantastic and engaging speaker.”
Kevin Nakeo, CMO, TinyPulse

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