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PSBJ’s 40 Under 40 Highlights and Takeaways

The Puget Sound Business Journal’s 40 Under 40 Celebration is one of the few networking events I actually look forward to. This group of business execs and leaders was particularly special – especially because two of the CEOs I coach made the list. Equally impressive were some of the other honorees I met, all of whom are doing great things for Seattle and beyond. I’m looking forward to getting to know them more in the coming year.

As I create the line up for the 2017 CEO Leadership Forum at the World Trade Center, I’m thrilled to meet new leaders with new perspectives. And who knows…maybe they’ll find themselves sitting next to me on stage! (Take note, my questions will be harder.)

Here are a few of the honorees that I’m keeping my eye on. I included the one word they chose to best describe themselves. For the few individuals whose word I didn’t know, I took the liberty of filling in the blank.


  •      BOLD, Joe Landon, CEO Planetary Power & Chairman Space Angels Network
  •      TENACIOUS, Asha Sharma, COO, (of course!)
  •      PASSION, Jon Scholes, CEO, Downtown Seattle Association
  •      CUSTOMERS, Matthew Griffon, CEO, Kombat Flip Flops
  •      BUILDER, Robi Ganguly, CEO, Appentitive
  •      POPPY, Ben Waters, CEO, Wibotic
  •      UNCONVENTIONAL, Bryan Pape, Miir
  •      GENEROUS, Fred Rea, CEO Rain City Capital


Here are the twitter highlights from the celebration:

Advice to business startups – “Enjoy the journey and the people on that journey.” @Asha_Sharma #psbj40 @PorchDotCom #seattle

Breaking the rules. I like you Bayan Towfiq and the talk on culture. Well done. @flowroute @PSBJ #psbj40

To celebrate @rganguly‘s 40 Under 40 nomination we did a fun Q&A to learn more about our Co-founder and CEO! #PSBJ40

Serious congrats to @joe_landon for being a @PSBJ 40 Under 40 honoree! A well-deserved celebration! #psbj40

DSA President & CEO Jon Scholes and eight DSA member organizations represented. Congratulations to all! #PSBJ40

Fun to be part of the celebration! –>@PSBJ: Congrats to all of the #PSBJ40 Under 40 Award Winners! Nice win, Quan Ralkowski @shoesdotcom

Gives $100 away per transaction. Rocks it! Congrats Fred Rea @Raincitycapital @PSBJ #psbj40

Turning point: inspired in Kabul combat boot factory and started the @combatflipflops #Congrats @matthewgriffis #CEO @PSBJ  #psbj40

Culture is something you create not consume. Congrats @Bridgetfrey  @Redfin @PSBJ #psbj40

Don’t give up and continue to learn. Congrats @lorriebaldevia #psbj40 

@bryanpape turning pt. broke femur almost died. Started @miir a co that gives back. #psbj40 @PSBJ #Congrats

Fav interview q: What brought you here and where do you want to go. #HaveAPlan @rganguly #CEO @Appentive @PSBJ #psbj40 #congrats

What gets you most excited in the morning – Micheal Bartley @IndigoSlate  #psbj40 @PSBJ #Congrats

A great crowd in attendance for the #psbj40! Honored to be here with these awesome #Seattle leaders. @psbj

Biggest learning: It is really hard to bld a biz and you must enjoy the journey and people. Congrats @Asha_Sharma @PSBJ #psbj40

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