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SEPT 14: Women, Men & Leadership

When I feel a little helpless in the world, I do what I do best, which is to gather the great thinkers and ask hard questions. So that’s what I’m doing on Thursday, September 14th. We are talking about  women, men and leadership, and it will be an important discussion for both men and women to attend.

Even though research shows companies perform better when women are in leadership roles, I’m often frustrated by the fact that the perception of progress of women in the C-suite is far greater than the actual progress being made.

But here’s the deal. As I watch the horror of progress being rolled back into the archaic mind-numbing abyss of fear and ignorance, I’m willing to accept the painfully slow progress that’s at least headed in the right direction for now. In the upcoming “From the CEO’s Perspective” forum, I’m privileged to speak with three of our top CEOs who will share their advice and insight on how to help more “qualified” women gain visibility and engage with those men and women who are in roles to of influence. As I see it, that’s the way to transform important conversations into action that has impact.

Please join me for this open, intimate conversation which is guaranteed to spark our thinking toward actionable ways to not just promote but accelerate more women into the C-suite. What can you do that you’re not doing? And what do we need to stop doing as a society in order to get out of our own way?

Register: September 14 – From the CEO’s Perspective: Women, Men and Influence

Panelists Include:
• Gary Kaplan, CEO, Virginia Mason Medical Center
• Gov. Christine Gregoire, CEO, Challenge Seattle
• Ed Thomas, Managing Partner, Deloitte


And if you haven’t heard about the Leadership Lab no. 19, listen up!

The Leadership Lab no. 19 in an invitation-only leadership experience for the thought leaders and industry shapers of our future C-Suites. On October 19th I will convene this highly curated, exclusive peer community for a day of facilitated working-sessions on executive presence, emotional intelligence and executive as coach, followed by a year-long series of speaker and skill-building sessions with an executive coach facilitated peer-to-peer performance development cohort. The outcome of the program is to develop the self-awareness and skills needed to elevate each leader’s mindset to think from the CEO’s perspective in accelerate their leadership.

If  you are a on the trajectory to the C-Suite, and you think this may be for you, get in touch with me. You should be invited!

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