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Setting Goals – Our GFS Ritual

Typically, I do heavy reflection and goal setting in Sept, during the Jewish high holidays, but at that time this year, I felt uninspired. #2020Sucks. So, instead, I chose the Winter Solstice to set my goals into rapid action. Raj (husband) and I created this Goals for Success Ritual – that went like this:

1. Think and Write your goals down at some point during the day.

2. So, some of you may know, I get a little witchy from time to time. Here, we lit candles to clear the space and recited this little incantation together. (And giving credit where credit is due, while I’m no fan of Tony Robbins, he said it well.)


Now I am the Voice

I will LEAD, not follow.

I will BELIEVE, not doubt.

I will CREATE, not destroy.

I am a Force for GOOD.

I am a Leader.

Defy the odds!

Set a new standard!

Step up!

3. Goal Declaring: Raj stated one goal, then I state one goal and we went back and forth until we”d stated 5 personal goals each. (In case you’re wondering, the answer is No. No comments, no judgment -not even if you’re frothing at the mouth. Bite your tongue until it bleeds if you have to).

4. Reflection:  We made a list of the good and bad that is 2020. No overthinking, just listing. If you choose to burn it, that’s up to you – but I always find reflection important.

Wishing you Happiness + Health in 2021

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