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Why Successful Leaders Have Decision Anchors

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Many of my clients are successful leaders who want to continue that success in a different, more deliberate way. It’s awesome! We work together to define their true purpose and what brings them serious joy.

Serious joy is my way of saying – “I help them figure out the very few things that matter most.” At the highest level of leadership, a lot matters but very few things fall into the MOST category. Money is important but maybe it’s not the deciding factor (or maybe it is #NoJudgement). What matters to me is that these leaders get crystal clear. It’s the only way they’ll have decision anchors because none of them have or will have a shortage of opportunities. That’s the challenge. It’s easier to buy a lovely bottle of wine in a small boutique store than at Costco where the choices are all really great and in abundance supply. Get it?

I also see some common patterns in the executives I work with. (Apparently, I attract a certain type.) I think it’s important to point it out, because each of them respectively think they’re the only one facing these challenges, and they simply aren’t. See if you can relate:

  • They hate telling their own story and therefore don’t do it very well.
  • They have a good network but need to expand to have a great one.
  • Ask for help? Are you kidding me!

If this sounds familiar, and you’re considering a change, here’s a reading list to help you:

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